Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AHS: Birth episode and Timeline updated

Well, not much has changed to our Murder House timeline in the past 2 episodes, but let's go ahead and get that out of the way....

early 1920's-House was constructed

1922-Original home owners (Nora, 'Doc to stars', and their child--and their 2 servants) occupy the house

1922-1926 a dozen or so abortions take place and at some point the child is murdered. The parents have snapped and the Doc creates the 'Infantata' in the basement by trying to save the dead child with parts from other animals. (yuck)

1926-Nora kills Charles and herself via murder/suicide--leaving wounded 'Infantata' alone in the house

1940s-dead bride

1947-Black Dahlia ODs during a 'procedure' that Dr. Curran is performing. So Dr. Montgomery appears and helps with the clean up.

1950s-Lorraine Baxter dies (wife of William Baxter--and possible other woman?)

1968-Maria and Gladys (nurse) are murdered by Franklin

1970s-Alex murders sis and ??

1978-Twins Bryan and Troy murdered/eaten by Infantata

1983-Constance kills her hubby and Moira

1984-Tate is 7 years old and narrowly escapes being eaten by Infantata

1984-Stan and Marie are killed by Rubberman (but obviously not Rubberman Tate)

mid-late 1990's-Larry's wife Lorraine killed herself and their 2 daughters? Or did someone else help with these murders?

1994-Larry kills Beau at Constance's request

1994-Tate visits Larry at work and set him on fire. Larry survives, but is disfigured.

1994-Tate is killed (in Murder House) by SWAT team after shooting up Westfield High.

October 2010-RubbermanTate kills Chad and Patrick

Fall 2011-Home invaders killed--only 2 die in Murder House

October(ish) 2011-Larry kills Hayden

November 2011-Violet ODs

November(ish) 2011-Travis is murdered by ghost Hayden

December(ish) 2011-Vivien dies during childbirth, as well as one of the twins

This episode leaves me with 2 main questions. First, what is up with that baby? I think the child will be evil....or at least do very evil things. However, I believe he will be a physically beautiful child. Perhaps, his appearance could 'pull a Moira' and he will appear to everyone how they want him to/are ready to see him--meaning he will be beautiful to most everyone. Then, perhaps, in later episodes, he will appear horrific and frightening to a few, select others.
Okay, I know, what about the first ultrasound in which the nurse passed out. Well, that occurred on Halloween....when dead stuff can take on their true (previously living) form. What if the baby did the same thing? Since it was Halloween, all the evilness of the baby was visible--but this evil would normally not be visible. Or perhaps, it's back to the Moira situation in which only a few people can seen the baby as it really is and everyone else just sees what they would like to see? I mean Vivien's background of already experiencing one tragic miscarriage should make all those around her hope that (at least for Viv's sake) her current pregnancy will result in a perfect, healthy, beautiful, strong baby. Thus mostly everyone who meets Viv would want to see her produce a perfectly beautiful baby.
Now, Ryan Murphy, himself, has previously hinted 'wait til you see that baby', like it was something totally disgusting and scary. This is another reason I am leaning towards the Moira phenomenon. Meaning, we will have to wait (and keep waiting) to see what the baby REALLY looks like. So, for the next few episodes, everyone will see the baby as they wish it were--just a perfect and beautiful little boy. Then, someone--perhaps the next home owners, or perhaps the psychic Billie Dean--will accurately see the child and have to run away from being so frightened.
The other question the 'Birth' episode leaves me with is whether Ben Harmon will escape from or succumb to the house. And this question, to me, is quite funny--it makes me applaud the writers of AHS. Throughout this entire season, I have been hoping that Vivien (especially Vivien) and Violet (well, at least most of the time prior to her OD, I was rootin' for her) would be able to escape--and forever leave the house. And it really didn't matter to me whether Ben lived or not--most of the time, I was kinda hoping he would die in the house and be trapped there forever so that he could never again harm Viv. But now, with this episode, the writers have completely switched my emotions around. I am surprisingly satisfied that Violet and Viv are forever in the house--at least this way, they have each other and we will still get visits from their ghosts in future episodes. Likewise, I am 100% against Ben being allowed to kill himself in the house. I hope the ghosts will work together to keep him from dying in Murder House. The show has done a superb job of allowing no redemption for Ben's character in the eyes of the audience. Frankly, I would be disappointed if I had to look at the cheating, lying, neglectful Ben Harmon anymore. Hopefully, Ben's fractured mental state will make him leave and Constance will raise her grandchild all by herself in the house next door.
Ok, one final thing that came to my mind during the episode. Anyone seen the movie 'Identity'? What if Murder House is to AHS as the hotel was to Identity.....and it's just all in Ben's head?

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