Thursday, October 27, 2011


For as long as I can remember, I have always had 2 favorite weeks in the year. I don't know these weeks by date, but rather by feeling. My favorites have always been the one good week of perfect weather that separates the hot days of summer with the cool, crisp feeling of Fall. You know the one week every year when it seems Fall is just beginning, but Summer has still not entirely feel a slight chill in the air, but don't need a jacket. You can just barely hear the sound of leaves rustling on the ground when the wind picks up, but you can also still see beautiful colors on the trees. Just perfect all around.
Then there is that other week that comes after a long, dreary, cold Winter. The week between Winter and Spring. The one that seems to breathe new life and a fresh chance back into your entire being. I have always loved these 2 weeks, every year....well, every year but this year.
This year has been strange. When the seasons began to change from Summer to Fall, I was not at all excited about it. Don't get me wrong, I had grown quite tired of the heat....tired of constantly feeling moist with sweat....and extremely tired of high A/C bills. But, I did not at all look forward to the change of seasons.....instead, I was dreading it.......almost afraid of it.
?what is that all about?
And, this oddity is not the only one I have experienced in this bizarre year, either.
I have NEVER been in the least bit inclined to experience horror. If I was going to see a show, I would opt for a murder/mystery, a psychological thriller, or a comedy. Not big on drama, and NEVER into horror.
Until this year.
Now, I find some 'horror' shows have peaked my curiosity. I don't like to see blood and guts or prolonged torture/suffering by any means, but I have become more interested in things that are supposedly 'scary'.
Like I said, this has been an odd year.
And this year (as always) has brought a host of new shows--both in the theatre and on tv. Well, one of those shows, has caught my attention....FX's American Horror Story.
Have you seen it?
Along with my year, this new show is also quite bizarre....

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