Thursday, October 27, 2011

American Horror Story: Murder Timeline

AHS classifies itself as a psychosexual thriller. However, some blogs I have read ramble on and on just attempting to figure out exactly what the 'horror story' of America is.
At times, I think these folks can't quite see the forest for the trees....ya know? They spend their time noting every detail of every frame in a scene down to the pictures in the stained glass and the jewelry that the different characters choose to adorn themselves with.....
Perhaps I am just a simpleton and don't fully 'get' all the 'levels' of the show. But, it appears to me that the horror of America is readily apparent in our tainted views of love, sex, sexuality, and exactly what is 'proper'.......and what is immoral.
So far, almost all of the murders in the house have had some aspect of the current period's sexual immorality issues. For example, the original home owners practiced abortion. And therefore, killed a dozen pre-term infants in their basement. Here is a very direct link between sex and murder....then again maybe that is just it. That some don't call it murder because what is being 'aborted' is not viable life. And although these issues (abortion, infidelity, homosexuality) may have each made more of a 'splash' in the American media at one time or another, America still deals with these issues--and whether they are immoral or not--on a daily basis.
Regardless of your views of the show (if you view the show), I would imagine that all viewers still would like to know the answer to one of the most basic questions--Will the Harmons somehow manage to escape the house? I would like to be pulling for them, or at the very least Vivien and Violet to escape. However, historically speaking, it doesn't seem at all possible....
Here is a timeline of the house and the many murders that have occurred so far (well, as best as I can remember)....

early 1920's-House was constructed

1922-Original home owners (Nora, 'Doc to stars', and their child--and their 2 servants) occupy the house

1922-1926 a dozen or so abortions take place and at some point the child is murdered. The parents have snapped and the Doc creates the 'Infantata' in the basement by trying to save the dead child with parts from other animals. (yuck)

1940s-dead bride

1950s-Lorraine Baxter dies (wife of William Baxter--and possible other woman?)

1968-Maria and Gladys (nurse) are murdered by Franklin

1970s-Alex murders sis and ??

1978-Twins Bryan and Troy murdered by Infantata

1983-Constance kills her hubby and Moira

1984-Stan and Marie are killed by Rubberman

1991-Larry kills wife and 2 daughters in fire

2000s-murder/suicide in basement

2010-Rubberman kills Chad.....and then Patrick?

2011-Home invaders killed

2011-Larry (fresh outta prison) kills Hayden

I'm quite sure that as we see more of AHS, we will have a plethora of new dates to enter into this timeline...and possibly a few of these items will be better refined with the stories yet to be told in the coming episodes. I have seen glimpses of many other murders (Rubberman and orgy folks, etc.) for which I cannot give a place on the timeline, but I'm sure we will figure those out soon enough...

I would really appreciate some backstory on Rubberman--he really freaks me out. I have been led to believe that the rubbersuit exists in the home as just a suit itself. The suit can be worn by others (even those that are deceased, such as Tate). However, when Rubberman makes an appearance, I am inclined to think that he is his own entity. Perhaps Rubberman is the actual evilness of the house personified? This would make sense as Rubberman seems to be a player in many murders throughout the timeline. But then, if that is true, it would mean that there wouldn't exactly be any backstory on Rubberman......which would be disappointing.

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  1. How do you know some of these murders? I've watched each episode (up to tonight's "Open House") and I don't remember the murders such as the bride.

  2. additional murders are found on FX's site by exploring the house

  3. @Lyssa Yes, RosalieStarr is correct, I got the murders from both the actual show and the FX website.