Monday, November 28, 2011

AHS: Rubberman

Well, that was annoying.

The most recent episode of AHS revealed that Tate was Rubberman. I find this entire situation quite frustrating and not really plausible. If you tour the Murder House on the FX website, you will find evidence that suggests Rubberman killed Stan and Marie in September of 1984. Tate would have only been (around) 9 years old and NOT dead yet. So, obviously, Tate was not Rubberman in the '80s.
Speaking of 1984....If Constance was in the house in 1983 when she shot her hubby and Moira, then out of the house in 1984 when Stan and Marie were executed, then why would she be back in the home in 1994 (when 2 of her kids met their demise)? I mean, why would she be moving in and out and back in so often? Is Constance dead, too--and thus can come and go around as she pleases? Hmm, I doubt it since she has been seen numerous times in the house next door. Unless, the house next door (Constance's current home) was originally constructed with Murder House--as a guest house? And therefore, the alleged 'guest house' would stand on the same cursed land and be available for the ghosts to also occupy? Or perhaps Constance is a squatter that moves in and out of Murder House depending on it's vacancy? Sheez, this is pretty far-fetched either way. Here is an updated timeline, although I'm not really sure if it's worth a lot with all of the inconsistencies we have seen lately....

early 1920's-House was constructed

1922-Original home owners (Nora, 'Doc to stars', and their child--and their 2 servants) occupy the house

1922-1926 a dozen or so abortions take place and at some point the child is murdered. The parents have snapped and the Doc creates the 'Infantata' in the basement by trying to save the dead child with parts from other animals. (yuck)

1926-Nora kills Charles and herself via murder/suicide--leaving wounded 'Infantata' alone in the house

1940s-dead bride

1950s-Lorraine Baxter dies (wife of William Baxter--and possible other woman?)1968-Maria and Gladys (nurse) are murdered by Franklin

1970s-Alex murders sis and ??

1978-Twins Bryan and Troy murdered/eaten by Infantata

1983-Constance kills her hubby and Moira

1984-Stan and Marie are killed by Rubberman (but obviously not Rubberman Tate)

1994-Tate is killed by SWAT team after shooting up Westfield High. (While police are in Murder House, I think one of them gets wind of the other child in the attic and investigates. That, in turn leads to the next murder...)

1994-Larry kills Beau at Constance's request

mid-late 1990's-Larry kills wife and 2 daughters in fire?? or was this just another one of Larry's lies? Perhaps Lorraine killed herself and their 2 daughters?

October 2010-RubbermanTate kills Chad and Patrick

Fall 2011-Home invaders killed--only 2 die in Murder House

October(ish) 2011-Larry kills Hayden

November 2011-Violet ODs

Now, since Ben was shot in the stomach/abdomen in Murder House, but refused to leave with paramedics....Is he dead, too? I don't know how I feel about this one, but I am leaning towards a 'No' and therefore have not put Ben up in the murder timeline--yet. Maybe we'll get more clues Wednesday?

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