Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Horror Story Murder Timeline: UPDATE

So, from the past 2 or so episodes, we have learned of some new dates which need to be added to our timeline.

early 1920's-House was constructed

1922-Original home owners (Nora, 'Doc to stars', and their child--and their 2 servants) occupy the house

1922-1926 a dozen or so abortions take place and at some point the child is murdered. The parents have snapped and the Doc creates the 'Infantata' in the basement by trying to save the dead child with parts from other animals. (yuck)

1926-Nora kills Charles and herself via murder/suicide--leaving wounded 'Infantata' alone in the house

1940s-dead bride

1950s-Lorraine Baxter dies (wife of William Baxter--and possible other woman?)

1968-Maria and Gladys (nurse) are murdered by Franklin

1970s-Alex murders sis and ??

1978-Twins Bryan and Troy murdered by Infantata

1983-Constance kills her hubby and Moira

1984-Stan and Marie are killed by Rubberman

1994-Tate is killed by SWAT team after shooting up Westfield High. (While police are in Murder House, I think one of them gets wind of the other child in the attic and investigates. That, in turn leads to the next murder...)

1994-Larry kills Beau at Constance's request

mid-late 1990's-Larry kills wife and 2 daughters in fire?? or was this just another one of Larry's lies? Perhaps Lorraine killed herself and their 2 daughters?

2000s-murder/suicide in basement

2010-Rubberman kills Chad.....and then Patrick?

Fall 2011-Home invaders killed--2 die in house

October(ish) 2011-Larry kills Hayden

November 2011-Violet ODs

OK, now a few things are confusing me. It seems as though Tate was the first to succumb in '94, then Beau. As, it seems logical (ha!) that when the police were in the house and killed Tate that they would have some how discovered Beau. (Possibly since they have a dead dude and thus a crime scene which would be investigated, they ask everyone to clear the house so they can do all of their CSI stuff and someone hears a noise--or lots of noise--coming from the attic.) Then upon further investigation of the condition of the other child in the home, they would have legally threatened Constance--thus leading her to conspire with Larry to kill Beau. Then perhaps Constance moved out shortly after the kids death. Then Larry moved in (to stay close to Constance and continue their affair) and at some point his wife and 2 daughters were killed in a house fire.
Noticeable, however, is the similarity between Larry's stories and the murder in the 1950's in which Lorraine killed herself because of another woman and her husband 'William'. Funny that Larry's wife's name is Lorraine and that he tells his dear Lorraine of another woman 'Constance' in the mid 1990's. And then Larry's Lorraine goes on to kill herself (and the kids). Does this seem too coincidental? Perhaps the ghosts can 'take possession' of the house's inhabitants to replay their lives? Or history just repeats itself? Or we are being lied to AGAIN by Larry?
Now, about dear Violet. I think she is dead and that her ghost is now confined to the house. I could be very wrong about this. But if I am correct, then it should be very interesting to see how moving day goes if Viv and Violet ever do decide to actually leave the house.

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